Review of MI Abaga’s Website

Kudos to MI Abaga for putting up a lovely website. And it is active too. I cant say that much for other artists. It is a cool site, but….

Yes, there are some buts… see below:


  • 3 font types
  • Non working social links
  • Search input below screen
  • Extra large posting date
  • Something checkered that links to nowhere

Jude, speak to your web developers, I’m sure they can easily fix it.


9 clever uses for the space under the stairs

If you live in a two-story house, stairs are inevitable. But they sure do take up a lot of space — and what to do with that wedge-shaped no-man’s-land underneath? A lot of houses have closets in this area, but if you want to go for something a little more creative, Apartment Therapy has some ideas.

1. A bathroom.
Think that space under the stairs is too small for a bathroom? Think again. This understairs bathroom, from UK Bathrooms via Houzz, utilizes space-saving fixtures like a wall-mounted sink and toilet to fit everything in a tight space. Double doors ensure that your guests don’t have to wiggle in.


2. Drawers.
The main problem with an under-the-stairs closet is that the things you’re storing probably aren’t wedge-shaped. So inevitably, small stuff gets put in the back, and bit things get put in the front, and then when you want to get the small things out, you have to take out everything in the closet. These under-stairs drawers? Fix all that. Photo by Tom Stringer Design Partners via Houzz.


3. A kitchen.
Well, not a whole kitchen. But part of a kitchen. The architect of this Prague apartment saved space by tucking the oven under the stairs. From Inhabitat, via Apartment Therapy.

4. Bookcases.
We love books at Apartment Therapy. We also love bookcases. And we really really love this staircase with a bookcase underneath, from Mark Koehler Architects via Plastolux. Can’t get enough of bookcases + stairs? There is more where this came from.


5. Bike storage.
Bikes are big. Where to put them, if storage outside is not an option? Stash them under the stairs, as in this townhome seen in Dwell.

6. A home office.
Underneath an open staircase is a great place to squeeze in a desk. Hus & Hem via Desire to Inspire.

7. A wet bar.
Because why not? You never know when you’ll want a drink. Home of Lucy Williams, via J C Webb Studios. Thinking about doing it yourself? Check out this under-stair closet turned wine bar from The Sweeten.

8. A cozy corner.
Something about the space under the stairs just says ‘cozy,’ so a curluppable little nook is the perfect fit. Photo from Espacio Vital via Paperblog.

And finally, the space under the stairs is perfect for…

9. A bedroom for your orphan nephew.
He’ll thank you later.