Why People Used to Have Children

Article from http://theviewfromhell.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/why-people-used-to-have-children.html?m=1

The nineteenth and twentieth centuries have been characterized by a massive decline in fertility, beginning in rich Western countries and spreading all over the world. It is a transformation that is still underway in poor countries today.

Technological advances have, over the same period, radically decreased child mortality and increased life span. Modern parents need not have many children to ensure that one or two survive; almost all children survive to reproductive age. But Darwinian genetic interests cannot explain the modern decline in fertility (if Darwinian interests dominated, fertility should increase with increased survival, as observed in many historical elites). Rather, the fertility decline to present levels is mostly an economic response to the changing value of children, and to the changing economic relationship of parents and children. The economic transformation is not spontaneous, but the product of cultural transformation through education. Continue reading “Why People Used to Have Children”

How to Collaborate with Other Freelancers

Collaborating? Freelance? Other freelancers? What? Freelancers are solelancers.

We are lone wolves, howling under silent moons.

However, collaboration among freelancers does happen more frequently than you might think.

Here are some of the benefits of collaborating, as well as a look at how one can go about it.

Expanding Your Reach

Sometimes it seems like leads dry up, and there’s nothing more frustrating than reading a job listing that asks more than you can deliver.

Sometimes an ad for a web video requires great expertise in the difficult concepts of marketing. Or, perhaps you’re a writer who doesn’t quite know how to produce a video.

You may be a designer who’s seeing ads for web work that includes more text than you’re comfortable delivering.

The way to handle this is to develop a partnership, with each of you working within your specialty, agreeing with your collaborator on how to split the earnings. Continue reading “How to Collaborate with Other Freelancers”