What killed BlackBerry? Employees started buying their own devices.

BlackBerry confirmed today what industry watchers had long assumed to be true: the company is in a death spiral. The firm expects its second-quarter losses to be almost a billion dollars on revenues of $1.6 billion. These massive losses have forced equally large layoffs.

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Why Apple is the cross-section of great hardware, envious design and shitty software.

Over the last two years, I’ve tread deep into the Apple world, the Macbook has become my best friend for more than just getting my work done and my iPhone for everything else, one that I still have plenty of qualms about but has inevitably become an extension of my habit.

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How to Use Android and iOS Together in (Almost) Perfect Harmony

You don’t have to fully commit yourself to either Android or iOS, and there are many of us that make use of both major mobile operating systems simultaneously. That said, Android and iOS don’t always work very happily together.

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The decline of BlackBerry in one chart

BlackBerry stocks plunged 22 points this afternoon following a quarterly earnings report that was even worse than expected — and it was already expected to be bad, with The Wall Street Journal reporting earlier this week that up to 40 percent of BlackBerry employees would be laid off by the end

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PSA : BBM for iOS rollout underway, Android version acting a little shy

It’s been something of a mixed week for BlackBerry, but it’s good news for those with an affinity for its BBM service (but an allegiance to other phones.

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NVIDIA Releases Tegra Note – A $199 Powerful Android Tablet With Stylus

We have previously said that Tegra 4 is among the best technologies that will drive tablets in 2013 and NVIDIA wants to make sure it doesn’t become too high a price for most users.

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Amateur Female Footballers Take over Football as Dribble Season 2 Heats Up Come September 28th!!

Thousands of youths will come together in what is fast becoming a Trend in Nigeria’s football History on the 28th of September 2013 at Campus Square Lagos Island. Dribble which is powered by the G.O.A.

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