Ramsey and Wenger win awards

Aaron Ramsey and Arsène Wenger have been named the Barclays Player of the Month and Barclays Manager of the Month respectively. In-form Ramsey scored five times in five appearances in September, including a brace at Sunderland, and cemented his place in a competitive Arsenal midfield.

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10 Ways To Lose Your Best Employees

Want to hold tight to your talent? Don’t do these things! In the course of writing The Talent Mandate, I spoke with a prominent business school professor who told me that no corporate function lags behind today so dramatically as talent.

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Top 15 Cheap, Safe and Friendly Countries

Have you ever wondered which is the cheapest, friendliest and safest country in the world? Well, wonder no more. A recent 500+ page report by the World Economic Forum contains a few golden data nuggets that has enabled me to come up with the answers.

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