ZTE Bringing Unlocked Grand S and Nubia 5 to the US (Quad-core, Android, $400)

ZTE is mostly known in the states for supplying certain carriers with cheap phones that carriers often rebrand – though recently, ZTE has been successful in growing a very small brand presence for itself.

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18 Beautiful Birds Desktop Wallpapers

From striking blue to hot red, birds can come in so many different colors that it is simply impossible not to fall for them. Be they in flight or perched, flaunting their beautifully colored wings or looking for the next meal, they are a sight to behold, and to have on your desktop.

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Fingerprints are Usernames, not Passwords

Hi, thanks so much for the bug report.I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately. I’m going to have to mark this “won’t fix” for now.The prevailing opinion from security professionals is that fingerprints are perhaps a good replacement for usernames.

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Nokia Asha 502 Press Render Leaked

Last week, we saw press render of the purported Asha 500, which is expected to launch in multiple colors in the coming months. Now, a leaked press render of another Nokia device – Nokia Asha 502 – has been leaked, thanks to our very own @evleaks.

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Nokia Lumia 520 Is the Best-Selling Windows Device, Even Better Than Tablets and PCs

Nokia Lumia 520 is the best-selling Windows Phone 8 handset available in the market. The $99 smartphone is currently dominating the Windows Phone arena many regions worldwide. The handset also goes for various promotions with most recent one being at Fry’s where the handset costs $79.

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Another iOS 7 Lockscreen Bug Discovered

Apple released iOS 7.0.2 to fix the lockscreen bug, which allows users to access certain applications without the passcode. Just after a day, another iOS 7 lockscreen bug has been discovered that allows users to access the phone app and bypass the lockscreen without entering the passcode.

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