Free N5,000

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Welcome. This forum is new. New forums are usually empty. We can either populate it manually or get the public to do so. Being the lazy people that we are …..

Would you like to win a N5,000? Either as a shopping voucher OR airtime OR actual cash? How? Simple. Create a post in the category and share with your friends. Get them to comment. The post with the most comments at the end of the competition wins. We would be looking for users with the Champion badge.

We would to give you all, but for now, we can only have 1 winner. More competitions will be announced later.

For no reason whatsoever, here is a picture of someone counting Nairas.

The competition ends by 18-July-2015. 11:59pm GMT+1.

Nigeria’s deceptive e-commerce

A deal can be defined as “an agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit, especially in a business or political context”. The keyword here is mutual.

I received an email from VConnect Deals titled “Weekend Indomie Deals”. I have 2 boys who consume this meal a lot, so, naturally, I was interested. Opened the mail and saw this:

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Inconvenient Banking

I have always been a fan of convenience. I’ll gladly pay my way out of doing several things, like house chores or filling a paper form. I also love and adore Guaranty Trust Bank. I have been banking with them since 2006. Never really had much of a complaint. Until now.

I adjusted my schedule so I could go to a branch to open the accounts. First inconvenience; why do I have to visit a physical branch to open an account when I am already a verified customer with the bank. That aside, I went to the bank with some passport photographs and copies of my children’s birth certificates. I spent a couple of minutes on the queue waiting to speak with the customer care agent. Standing. Eventually, I was told to open an account, I needed to proceed to a different floor. Continue reading “Inconvenient Banking”

How to Collaborate with Other Freelancers

Collaborating? Freelance? Other freelancers? What? Freelancers are solelancers.

We are lone wolves, howling under silent moons.

However, collaboration among freelancers does happen more frequently than you might think.

Here are some of the benefits of collaborating, as well as a look at how one can go about it.

Expanding Your Reach

Sometimes it seems like leads dry up, and there’s nothing more frustrating than reading a job listing that asks more than you can deliver.

Sometimes an ad for a web video requires great expertise in the difficult concepts of marketing. Or, perhaps you’re a writer who doesn’t quite know how to produce a video.

You may be a designer who’s seeing ads for web work that includes more text than you’re comfortable delivering.

The way to handle this is to develop a partnership, with each of you working within your specialty, agreeing with your collaborator on how to split the earnings. Continue reading “How to Collaborate with Other Freelancers”

A perfect mash up

I am always on the lookout for a development framework that will make my development life easier. I am specifically not looking for an MVC framework, sadly, that seems to be the preferred direction for a large majority of web developers. It may be the right way but I am not interested. I prefer loosely coupled code.

I am starting something new

plus a couple of classes from PHPClasses.