Google’s Atari Breakout Easter Egg


If you’re an old-school gaming nerd and have spent your fair share of time on the Arm Chair Empire, then you might remember a little game released by Atari called Breakout. The idea was simple: just hit a ball around and break things. Don’t let the ball get past you, or you lose. It was heavily influenced by Pong.

The game’s introduction was 37 years ago, in 1976. Whether it was in April or May of that year, Google has decided to commemorate the occasion with a little easter egg in image search that will suck all of your free time from you. It’s good to see Google doing these kinds of things away from their normal doodle, especially since a lot of their users might not remember Breakout.

Go to Google image search and type in “atari breakout.” You won’t get to click through images though…instead the experience gets turned into a fully interactive and playable Breakout game, using the search results as blocks

Author: Esquire

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  • Hilariously clever. Thanks for the heads up!
    After clearing level-1, images of Alaskan Malamute’s were automatically laid-out for level-2, and then Baltimore for level-3.