• Dong Xiao

    The pictures is taken by me.Please delete these pictures. I did not give
    any authoriztions for any third-party group to publish these pictures.

    • Ademola Oladipo

      My apologies, but I will require some proof. And your authorization.

      • snakeguy

        By not removing at the request of the copyright holder you are opening yourself up to a WORLD of DMCA potential. If I were you I would pull these quick.

  • Dong Xiao

    I recieve the email from ntellectual Property Team. They let me to delete all the pictures that I took from Burning Man. ”
    1) Immediately remove all images obtained at the Burning Man event from
    your website, and notify me when you have done so;

    2) Direct all third-party websites, including but not limited to all
    those listed above, to immediately remove all images you obtained at
    Burning Man, as you and Burning Man are joint owners in the copyrights
    to those images and the use is prohibited, and keep me updated on your
    progress. “

    • Ademola Oladipo

      1. Who is Intellectual Property Team?
      2. What is your website?

      • Dong Xiao

        my website is sonnar5447.com

        I already delete my burning picture form my website.

        “Greetings Sonnar / Dong Xiao,

        My name is Nathan Heller from Burning Man’s Intellectual Property Team.

        I hope this email finds you very well….”

        his email address is nathan@burningman.com

        I can forward his email to you if you need future proof .

        • MrMullen

          Contact the ISP/Host provider and just threaten them with a DCMA request and they will shutdown the account. Hosting companies don’t want to deal with this, so they will disable the account.

          • Ademola Oladipo

            MrMullen, you have no powers here.

        • Ademola Oladipo

          I took it down as you so kindly requested. Keeping the post though…

          • Dong Xiao

            Thank you Very Much. Even myself, do not have power to publis on my website. BM people said it’s consider for non-personal use of the image,