I give up on Swift Networks

I have been a faithful Swift Networks customer for about 2 years and I have had it up to here *raises hand as high as possible*. After a frustrating experience today, I had to switch to my Airtel line to send them an email; shown below:


That I am disappointed in your service is a gross understatement. I am absolutely mortified to be considered a swift customer.

Despite my efforts to convince a number of people to patronize your services, I have unfortunately drawin the short straw. I am home with the intention to continuing my work when I am notified by your server that “browsing is not permitted”. It goes further to state my plan – Home Basic New (or some fucking shit like that) and I can browse on weekends. Glancing at my clock, which mercifully is just by the bottom right of my screen, I am made to know that this is 2pm on a Saturday. If that isnt weekend, I pray you to lecture me on what a weekend is.

I called your customer care number, kept on hold for over 5 minutes just to be told that there is no one to answer my call. Why didnt you fucking tell me that in the first minute?

I am ashamed to be associated with you. The saddest part is that it is impossible to recover whatever amount that might still be with you so that I could move to a different service provider. What is possible is me throwing your modem into the hottest fire that I can find ensuring that neither me nor anyone I love/hate has to endure the absolute rubbish you call a service.

Thank you.

Author: Esquire

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