If Samsung copied Apple…

apple-vs-androidA typical conversation between an Apple fan boy and an Android fan boy

  • Apple Advocate: Samsung COPIED the iPhone completely!
  • Me: So a Samsung Galaxy Series phone works just like an iPhone?
  • AA: YES!
  • Me: So I get the same experience with Samsung that I get with Apple?
  • AA: No. Android sucks, Samsung phones are horrible to use!
  • Me: So Apple’s phones suck and are horrible to use too?
  • AA: NO! Apple’s phones are awesome.
  • Me: But I thought you said that Samsung copied Apple’s phones. How can that be, if they’re identical as you say?
  • AA: Uhhhh…
  • Me: Do Apple phones have LTE?
  • AA: No. You don’t need LTE, 3G EVDO is good enough!
  • Me: Do Apple phones have screens larger than 3.5 inches?
  • AA: No. 3.5 inches is enough for anyone.
  • Me: Does Apple offer a removable battery?
  • AA: No. Removable batteries are terrible!
  • Me: Is Android a comparable operating system to iOS?
  • AA: No. Android SUCKS!
  • Me: Does Apple make its phone with a plastic case and back?
  • AA: No. It’s all glass.
  • Me: Does Apple make a phone with an AMOLED display?
  • AA: No. Apple uses LCD, which is good enough.
  • Me: So, basically, what you’re saying is, other than the user experience, screen size, color, backplane, form factor, operating system, data speeds, look, feel and usability, the phones are exactly alike.
  • Me: *shakes head*

Author: Esquire

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