Nigeria’s deceptive e-commerce

A deal can be defined as “an agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit, especially in a business or political context”. The keyword here is mutual.

I received an email from VConnect Deals titled “Weekend Indomie Deals”. I have 2 boys who consume this meal a lot, so, naturally, I was interested. Opened the mail and saw this:


Screenshot (32)

I brought out my calculator. 70g pack costs about N50 each (or less) at retail.

50 * 40 = 2,000.

If I can buy each piece at 50 and spend 2,000 to get 40 pieces, where is the deal if I buy the same 40 pieces at 2,030 (supposedly discounted from N2,100)? From our definition of a deal, it has to be mutually benefiting. Question is, how does this benefit me?

Author: Esquire

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