Re: MUST READ: Open Letter To Nigerian Artistes This Christmas – By Henry Okelue

I came across this open letter by Henry Okelue, and it is an interesting read. Please go read it, I’ll wait for you. Here –>


You done? Really? It is quite long.

1280_Hands Of The People At The Concert

Ok, now, I’m sure you’re done. Enjoyed it? I did too. I thought of replying via a tweet but 140 characters just wasn’t enough and his twitter handle is long.

I read the letter and had a rush of memories from my experience at Rhythm Unplugged 2008. Miming. Lip synching. CDs scratching.  It was awful. The only performances I enjoyed were the jokes by the comedians and MI. MI actually tried to sing but eventually threw some CDs into the crowd to distract people.

Is this what I paid for? Someone to come and stage and sing songs I had already crammed? Livestream this and let me watch at home. Home is safe. Oh, when leaving the “concert”, someone shot in the air to disperse the crowd and allow the MoHits crew drive out. The same MoHits crew that arrived at the venue at around 3am and they were obviously tired from performing at other shows.

Is this what I paid for? Some artist got on stage and the CD skipped. he had the audacity to turn it to a joke. My CD at home doesn’t skip and even if it did, I know the lyrics of your song.

Is this what I paid for? Granted the show was sponsored by a Beer company (can’t remember now Guinness or Star), there was nothing else to drink. I don’t drink beer. I was hungry. The beer was free though. In retrospect, I should have carted away as much beer as possible, sold and recouped my money.

Is this what I paid for? I was promised an experience of a lifetime. Granted, I got an experience, that is why I am never attending a Rhythm Unplugged anymore, unless I get a free ticket and a free ride.

I do attend concerts. EMUfest by Beautiful Nubia is an experience I do my best not to miss every year. There, you can actually see the artists sing and you can sing along. No DJ in sight (maybe he is good at hiding them). No lip synching (as far as I can see). No skipping CDs (it is a live band performing). Worst scenario ever experienced? PHCN struck but the guy continued singing without breaking a beat. If you have never experienced the joy of a dark concert (PHCN strikes, but the music doesn’t stop), you can not possibly understand what I am talking about.

Oh, Nigerian Hip-hop artists, take note. His letter really addresses a lot, I don’t feel I need to repeat it here.

Yours faithfully,


Oladipo Ademola Esq (no, I’m not a lawyer. Fear not, I’m not going to sue you, yet)