NVIDIA Releases Tegra Note – A $199 Powerful Android Tablet With Stylus

We have previously said that Tegra 4 is among the best technologies that will drive tablets in 2013 and NVIDIA wants to make sure it doesn’t become too high a price for most users.

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Amateur Female Footballers Take over Football as Dribble Season 2 Heats Up Come September 28th!!

Thousands of youths will come together in what is fast becoming a Trend in Nigeria’s football History on the 28th of September 2013 at Campus Square Lagos Island. Dribble which is powered by the G.O.A.

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Google makes Quickoffice free, throws in an extra 10GB of storage

Not to be overshadowed by Microsoft and Apple for their in-the-cloud document curation services, Google announced that Quickoffice is now free for iOS and Android users.

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CyanogenMod Turns Into A Company, Looks To Become Third Major Mobile OS

The CyanogenMod team, who provide custom Android firmware, have announced that they are now a company, called Cyanogen Inc, and have received $7 million in funding.

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How to Run Standard OA Framework Pages from JDeveloper (PTIAN ORACLE EBS SPACE)

1.FTP Classes FTP All the .class & .xml files from $JAVA_TOP/oracle to your local PC, and put them into jdev/jdevhome/myclasses 2.Source Files From 1st step files,Also need copy necessary PROD files into source file directory: jdev\myprojects\oracle\apps\ eg.

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