Was Microsoft right to buy Nokia?

Before going into the phone business, Apple already had a reputation for producing premium devices. They could utilize that leverage to sell their phones, at premium prices. As at today, there are rumors of Apple working on a less expensive iPhone.

Google did not have a history for producing devices, so they focused on the software. Knowing that you can’t bring a knife to a gun fight, they focused on the software while they left other players (Samsung and HTC) produce the hardware. The current boom enjoyed by Android is due to the influx of Chinese devices that could afford to sell at very low prices. You can’t afford the iPhone experience? There is an Android for you. Now, Google, after gaining enough market share, stepped in to set a standard for their devices. The Nexus devices and the eventual purchase of Motorola, leading to the Moto X. Possibly the most perfect phone ever created. Continue reading “Was Microsoft right to buy Nokia?”