Re: The Intern (R18) on Vixenpixie


My friend, Oyin, just posted an article on her blog ( It’s a quick read, so I’ll wait for five minutes while you go read it and “cum” back here.

You’re back? Good. How was it? Quite interesting? Yeah!. She does things like that.

Now, here is the but. Despite it being a lovely story and quite moving, I didn’t like some aspects of the story. I’ll itemize.

  • Was Kate that weak? She had an office to herself which means she isnt a junior staff. Mid level and senior staff, especially females, are known to be quite strong willed. They have had to battle a lot of competition to get to where they are. Then again, she could have got it on a platter of gold. Just saying.
  • Only if it was that easy to get laid by telling a lady you have beautiful eyes. I have used that line several times and it only started conversation. I had to say other things to get laid.
  • He fingered her and she sucked him and fucked. No reciprocating the fellatio? How un-gentlemanly of him? Any lady who would suck you after hearing you tell her that her eyes are beautiful deserves cunnilingus. No questions.
  • They had sex, skin. Dangerous. Don’t promote this ever.
  • Wasn’t anyone else in the office? It was still 7pm.
  • Unless that part is assumed, they didn’t clean up. “He slid out of her, his sodden dick now lying on his thigh as he pulled up his boxers and buckled his trousers.”

Otherwise, a very good story. Now, if only Oyin would give us some actual pictures.