The iPhone 5C doesn’t appeal to me

I was perusing Josh Kerr’s blog article and was in agreement until the point where he started to mention some features of the iPhone 5C like they were new.

The iPhone 5C ships with iOS 7 pre-configured to use background wallpaper that matches the color of the Phone. Little touches like this really differentiate Apple’s products from its competitors and Jony Ive put a lot more of them into the 5C than the 5S.

The statement in bold (highlighted by me) got me angry. Not so angry, but pissed. Lumia has had this since the days of WP7 and Moto X allows you choose your casing color and the wallpaper you want. How does this “differentiate” from the competitors? I understood when I got to this line:

I’m really happy with my iPhone 5 running iOS 7.

All that went through my mind was “Apple Fan Boy”.

Author: Esquire

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