Thoughts on Ese Walters and COZA

This was posted by a friend of mine, Soji Ogunnaike on Facebook.

My thoughts on this whole Ese Walters mess:

The sooner we all begin to see all men as equal, the better. Regardless of our levels of enlightenment, we all have equal access to connect with our Source/God and the truth is we ALL are of ONE SOURCE.Don’t try to convince me otherwise with the whole “anointed Man of God” story. As humans, we all have access to make the same decisions, leading to the same consequences. The universe as it exists runs, not on Christianity or any religion. It runs on principles that have existed LONG before ALL modern religions began. If a man, manipulates a less enlightened individual, it is because this man knows that he is at an advantage and he can. If Ese Walters were more enlightened, then when the pastor told her to sit on his lap, she could have told him to his face that he is a “DIRTY OLD PIG”.
I know some would quote the Bible (written by the same selfish humans for personal gratification) and say, “Touch not my anointed…”
My response to this is “I was anointed before Christianity began!”
As humans, we all need to open our minds and discover the power that we all truly have and not dwell on the purported powers that exist in other humans.
I mean, Ese Walters, if truly she was busy studying for her masters degree, could have told the pastor that she just didn’t have the time to sort out his itinerary. Afterall there is a “Pastoral Care Unit”. I wonder what the hell that means. She felt that she was in some way enslaved to the “Man of God” and was obliged to do all his bidding, including satisfy his libido.
I have been a worker in church and have seen the way these women lust after the “man of God”. I think it is a natural thing because women generally are attracted to men with power and since the pastor controls the minds of thousands…..
As conclusion, I would like to share a wonderful quote from one of my “pastors”,
“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery…”
(Pastor) Bob Marley
Have a great day and EMPOWER yourselves!
Soji Ogunnaike.

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